Kempley Village Hall 50 Club

Interested in joining? Keep reading to find out more!

The purpose of the 50 club is to raise funds for the upkeep of Kempley Village Hall. The prize money will be at least 50% of the annual net income (after administration costs). The remaining 50% goes to help fund maintenance and renovation of the hall.

The subscription period runs from 1st May in line with our accounting year end.

The 50 Club is a private lottery and is open to all friends of Kempley Village Hall over the age of 16.

Cost Per Ticket£2 per month / £24 per year
Draw Dates4th Saturday of every Month at Kempley Cafe
Note: During the current COVID-19 measures, draw’s will take place remotely and winners notified.
Prize Allocation
(remaining proceeds to KVHT)
1st prize 25% of draw proceeds
2nd prize 15% of draw proceeds
3rd prize 10% of draw proceeds

There will be no roll-over of prizes.

New members always welcome. We would prefer subscriptions to be paid online with PayPal by selecting the relevant options below. Please remember to tell us if you want to keep your existing numbers. You will be automatically entered into the next available draw once your payment is received. If you have multiple entries you can change the quantity of entries on the PayPal page before making your payment.

Join here: Join Form - Offline - Please Email

Queries? See us at the Kempley Cafe or contact Geraldine Rees on 01531 890518 or email

How To Pay

We have a preference of payments via PayPal as this is the most hands free method we offer. However, it may also be possible to pay via cheque please contact Geraldine Rees on the above number to dicuss these options.

Paying Via PayPal

Please complete the paypal form below asking if you want to keep your existing numbers or not, once on the page for PayPal select the "quantity" i.e. if you are renewing/buying more than one number slot, please type the appropriate number into the quantity box.

If your PayPal account email address isnt obvious as to who is making the Payment, it would be a good idea to drop us an email to for clarity once payment has been made.

Thank you for your support!

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